Watch for the new Business Show and it's events to be announced soon. Below is a sampling of past seminars taught by some of Utah's top business people. 

Wednesday, 11:30am

"Email Marketing: Build Relationships that Build Your Business"

Email is a powerful marketing tool that can revolutionize the way you connect with prospects and customers. It can dramatically increase business growth and success! In this Constant Contact presentation, you will learn: How to never send spam What your customers want from your emails Get your emails opened and read 7 ways to grow your list Best practices for success Powerful data and what it means You will leave feeling prepared and motivated to get the most out of your email marketing.

Lisa Smith

Lisa is a speaker, trainer and marketing consultant. She started 7-Touch Marketing in 2011 to help small businesses achieve faster growth and grow more loyal customers. Lisa is an Authorized Expert with Constant Contact and a Certified Social Media Professional.

"The TECH10 Competition at the Big Biz Conference"

Utah tech is some of the nation's best. Sit down and enjoy the TECH10 Competition and hear about many of the new technologies released in Utah in the last year.

Judges for TECH10 include:
Jeff Burningham (Peak Capital), John Richards (Startup Ignition), Ryan Davies (Clarke Capital), Jim T. Evans (Xactware), Clint Betts (Beehive Startups), Jeanette Bennett (UV BusinessQ)
Awarding Best UX Design, Best Disruptive Technology, Best Sales Traction Achievement, Best Model Development, People’s Choice, Experts Choice & more.

Sticky Sounds, Setrics (Savavo), ViDi, Weave, Freshlime, Lancera, Grow, eLearning Brothers, Pura and BambooHR (pending)

"Systematic Revenue Growth"

Come and learn from one of the very best. You're find out how to get more closes, more customers and more revenue with referrals.

Dr. Scott Baird

Dr. Baird is a Human Performance Scientist with over 35 years of business performance research and consulting experience. He has uncovered innovative breakthroughs in human and organizational performance which constitute a new technology that elevates organizational performance on a sustained basis. He is knowledgeable in the hard science of business analysis and the scientific method as well as the soft science skills required to work with human and social systems.Dr. Baird is the author of the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System.

Wednesday, 12:15pm

"From vintage to interactive: consuming content"

Visual content has been around since the dawn of ages. In recent years it has become a vital piece of the marketing mix. I will show businesses and marketers how to utilize interactive video content to increase awareness, conversion, and ROI all while letting the audience choose the message they want to hear.

Andrew Melchior

Andrew is the V.P. of Fulfillment and a founding partner at Avalaunch Media, a digital marketing agency with locations in Utah and Arizona. They specialize in online marketing. He is a jack of all trades and have experience in a wide variety of areas whether the needs are related to business, vehicles, home repair, finances, marketing, kids, travel, motorcycles, and more. Born and raised in Utah and am a big fan of the great outdoors.

"Sales in the cloud. How tech has changed sales"

Ken will discuss how advancements in technology and analytics have forever changed the business landscape. Gone is the image of the traditional field salesperson knocking doors with a hat in one hand and a briefcase in the other. We now live in an era of inside sales—professional sales done remotely.

Ken Krogue

Ken founded in November 2004, where he currently leads as President and Chief Strategist. He sets the vision for the company together with the CEO. Ken brings more than 24 years of experience in sales, business strategy & marketing in both domestic and international markets to the sales acceleration technologies and consulting at

Wednesday, 1:00pm

"What If [Insert Favorite Social Platform] Was Gone Tomorrow?"

Learn about the dangers of building your audience on "rented land" and how to use social media to build an email database where you own the audience and control the way you engage with them.

Greg Shuey

Greg is the co-founder and COO of Stryde, an audience driven content marketing agency. Greg has been helping medium and large enterprise businesses drive brand awareness and customer acquisition strategies for over a decade and has worked with companies like,, Sports Illustrated, and others.

"The seven non-negotiables of winning: Tying soft traits to hard results"

This session helps you transform your life and your business by sharing inspiring stories and valuable tools to unlock your potential. Begin your journey of learning how to shake off old habits and create new ones that will make you more productive and happier.

David K. Williams

Dave is the Chief Executive Officer of Fishbowl, the #1 provider of manufacturing and warehouse management software for QuickBooks and asset tracking solution for large enterprises. He also serves as the President of the Woodbury School of Business National Advisory Council at Utah Valley University, helping and mentoring the future of Utah bsuiness.

Wednesday, 1:45pm

"Harnessing the value of earned media"

Reach, engagement and trust is what we seek. Most know an integrated marketing strategy is key, but earned media is often written out of campaign and content plans due to lack of control (or forgotten altogether). How can we best plan for and encourage earned media? How can we capitalize on it when it occurs?

Preston Van Dyke

Preston  is the Senior Manager of Strategy, Marketing & Analytics at the LDS Church. He is a digital strategist with history in marketing management, search engine marketing and optimization, social media and content strategy. He was previously the Director of SEO at 

"All about SEO; What it is, how it works & is it right for you?"

Learn about search engine optimization (SEO) - what it is, how it works, how to determine if it is right for your business, what you can do on your own, how to know if it is working, and what you should pay for SEO if you hire someone to do it for you.

Kelly Shelton

Kelly has served as Boostability's Vice President of Marketing since June 2011. He began at Financial Freedom International in various executive positions, including Licensee Manager and VP of Marketing. He later served as Marketing Director of Family Financial Education Foundation. Kelly has successfully managed large marketing departments and budgets and has handled major growth in each of the companies he has worked for. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies and Business Management from BYU.

Wednesday, 2:30pm

"How to utilize Google's marketing tools"

Google has a lot of Free new marketing tools. In this class you will learn how to best impliment them in your business.

Bruce Rowe

Bruce is an internet marketing guru. He has been helping companies from across the world drive traffic through SEO and PPC. Throughout his career, Bruce has proven himself very successful at both building and managing teams and can help your team through this seminar and more.

"What the heck is DOMO?"

You’ve seen all the billboards. You know, the ones that don’t seem to make any sense but you can’t help but look at them. So many people have heard of Domo but have little notion of what they actually do. Wanna find out? Come listen to Dan Roden, Domo’s chief advocate, share the vision of what Domo is all about and how it can literally change the way you run your business.

Dan Roden

Dan is Sr. Director of Product Advocacy at Domo Inc. He has been at Domo since inception in 2010. Prior to Domo, he was Manager of Web Analytics for Major League Baseball and before that, a senior analytics consultant for Omniture (acquired by Adobe 2009).

"Small business marketing; Stop wasting money"

With so many options available from traditional media to social media to other digital options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. This training will teach small business owners how to get the right message to the right people at the right time & eliminate the waste.

Adam Stoker

Adam graduated from BYU’s prestigious advertising program. he worked locally excelling with clients such as Ken Garff Automotive Group, Lagoon, Tai Pan Trading, Stephen’s Hot Cocoa and many more. Because of his opportunistic personality, Adam jumped at the offer to move to St. George and join Sorenson Advertising in 2011. He currently manages Baja Broadband, Brian Head Resort, Cedar City/Brian Head Tourism Bureau, Jack Fisher Homes, USA Communications, and Utah Shakespeare Festival and others.

Wednesday, 3:15pm

"Healthcare Panel"

There are many facets to the healthcare industry that effect both business and family. Learn the ins and outs of healthcare and it's impact on the many areas of your life.

With HSA Healthcare and Regence. Moderated by Scott Miller (Miller Wade Group)

"The state of Venture Capital in Utah"

Hear from some of Utah's best in the area of venture capital and money strategy.

Peter Harris

Since joining the University Venture Fund in 2007, Peter Harris has worked on a wide variety of deals in the technology, software, life sciences and consumer industries.

Robb Kunz

Robb is a Founder & CEO of several high-technology companies, an Active Angel Investor, the Founder of ventureblue Capital and Co-founder of BoomStartup.

Sid Krommenhoek

Currently co-managing Peak Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm founded in 2014, Sid joined Peak to back remarkable entrepreneurs in early-stage Utah tech and to continue my career as a entrepreneur in creating something memorable.

"Finding modern tech talent"

Hiring tech talent in today's world is competitive and difficult. But companies make it harder on themselves than they need to by implementing outdated hiring models and techniques. I'll discuss techniques that will help you find the right hire and better prepare your company for future needs.

Jeff Chapman

Jeff currently works as DevMountain's Head of Employer Relations. He has worked with hundreds of graduating developers in their pursuit of a career in the tech industry and networks with companies throughout the state on a regular basis. He is an avid LinkedIn proponent and loves teaching classes on how to use it more effectively. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, he now resides in Orem with his beautiful wife.

Thursday, 11:30am

"Effective Social Media Marketing"

You'll want to hear this seminar because you don't get left behind in today's competitive digital marketplace! Marty Haws and Social5 can help your brand Get Social! Get Engaged! Get Noticed!

Marty Haws

Marty Haws is the chief revenue officer at Social5 and has nearly two decades of success building winning sales teams and fostering relationships with market & social leaders. In the non-profit sector he serves as the co-founder and director of the I Won’t Cheat! Foundation, which partners with MLB, NFL, NBA and Little League Baseball. He is the president of MJ Finish, which consults, scouts and trains high-school athletes. Marty also played basketball at BYU and professionally.

"Game plans for winning at life!"

Kick off Thursday right by meeting Rudy! Rudy Reuttiger is the subject of everyone's favorite football movie "Rudy", and he'll share key insights to win in business, life, family & more. "Make the decision to take action & move closer to your Dream. Create daily success habits & surround yourself with information that will empower & inspire you."

Rudy Reuttiger

Against all odds on a gridiron in South Bend, Indiana, Rudy in twenty seven seconds, carved his name into history books as perhaps the most famous graduate of Notre Dame. He has recently established the RUDY FOUNDATION, whose mission is to help children around the world. The Foundation develops programs that positively impact the lives of children cognitively, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

"Stimulate urgency in your sales world"

Come to this seminar and learn how to use plays to stack the odds of success in your favor and create urgency for you and your customers.

Dr. Scott Baird

Dr Scott Baird is a Human Performance Scientist with over 35 years of business performance research and consulting experience. He has uncovered innovative breakthroughs in human and organizational performance which constitute a new technology that elevates organizational performance on a sustained basis. He is knowledgeable in the hard science of business analysis and the scientific method as well as the soft science skills required to work with human and social systems.Dr. Baird is the author of the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System.

Thursday, 12:15pm

"Video marketing hacks: How to dominate your niche with YouTube, Facebook and Instagram video ads"

This course will inspire and educate you on how to use video to produce traffic, leads, and mores sales. It will change your business! YouTube, Facebook and Instagram provide a way to for you to place your Video Message in front of your target audience. You just have to know the tricks.

Jace Vernon

Jace Vernon of YDraw Video Marketing loves to help others grow their business. Ydraw, is one of the world’s hottest explainer video companies, and Yinc, is one of the fastest growing Video Marketing Agencies.

"Web development 101: Introduction to a code bootcamp"

Maybe you're interested in learning a bit of code or maybe you're just curious. Either way, come get a taste of what a code bootcamp entails from DevMountain CEO and Founder, Cahlan Sharp. He's been teaching for the past ten years and will spend some time helping you learn basic coding concepts, understand the landscape of web development, and get a taste of what code bootcamps are here to do.

Cahlan Sharp

Cahlan is a veteran technologist, software engineer, and educator. Cahlan has worked in a variety of education companies and technology startups in his career before starting DevMountain in 2013. DevMountain is one of the largest and highest rated coding schools in the country.

Thursday, 1:00pm

"Lessons Learned in Building a Billion Dollar Business"

Learn the story of's journey and how lessoned learned can help you in your own jouney.

Jonathan Johnson

Jonathan is chairman of the board of, a 2016 Republican candidate for Governor, a Utah business builder, a BYU Law graduate, and most importantly, husband of Courtney Johnson and a father of five sons. In 2002 Johnathon joined Within three months he was the fifth member of the executive team. Since then, he's held various roles including president and acting CEO. In 2014 he became chairman of the board. His leadership has contributed to's remarkable growth from a start-up to an international business with almost $2 billion in annual sales.

"From small business to C-Corp to B-Corp"

Davis Smith

Davis discusses his transition from small business owner to CEO of a large venture backed corporation & also of his most recent startup which is aiming to tackle global poverty through business. He will address the emergence of Benefit Corporations and the need for business leaders to start thinking beyond their bottom line.

Ryan Westwood

Ryan is a serial entrepreneur and Inc 500 CEO. He is currently CEO of Simplus. He's a best selling author, with "The Five Characteristics Of A Successful Entrepreneur". He has also been featured in numerous publications, such as Huffington Post, Utah Business Magazine, BusinessQ Magazine & MSPmentor.

"Women in Business Panel"

Take this opportunity to learn from some of the strongest business women in Utah Valley. Moderated by Jeanette Bennett of UV BusinessQ Magazine.

Vanessa Quigley

Vanessa cofounded Chatbooks with her husband and is the mother of 7 children, ages ranging from 20 to 8.

Kara Schneck

Kara is VP of corporate communications for Nu Skin & is also deeply passionate about the company’s corporate social responsibility efforts.

Carine Clark

Carine is President and CEO at MaritzCX. She was key in executing the acquisition of Allegiance, and combining the two companies to create MaritzCX.

Thursday, 1:45pm

"Experience economy: The new currency of business"

How to create a value of experiences and transformations with in your company that will increase profits, customers satisfaction and set you apart from the everyone else.

Randy Garn

Randy is a founding partner of Hero Partners which is a business investment & accelerator firm. He is a passionate entrepreneur, New York Times Best Selling Author, and loves growing companies. He has worked closely with some of the world's most renowned companies, educators, speakers, and thought leaders.

"Five startup lessons to start up right"

Hear from one of the best about lessoned learned and start up your entrepreneurial dream right.

Aaron Skonnard

Aaron is a co-founder of Pluralsight where he serves as Chief Executive Officer. He has spent years developing course materials and teaching professional developers throughout the world. He has presented at many popular developer conferences like PDC, TechEd and VSLive! Microsoft recognized Aaron as an MVP in the "Connected Systems" developer community for eight years. Aaron has written numerous books and papers including the Essential XML Quick Reference (Addison Wesley, 2001), Essential XML (Addison Wesley, 2000) and his popular columns in MSDN Magazine.

Thursday, 2:30pm

Meet Utah Startups and Tech Bootcamps

With Brandon Hassler, John Richards, Cahlan Sharp and Clint Betts

Brandon Hassler is the Founder & CEO of Market Campus, a premier digital marketing course and certification program. John E. Richards is an entrepreneur, venture investor, executive manager, and educator and his activities have included founding, running, selling, and investing in several enterprises. Cahlan Sharp is a veteran technologist, software engineer, and educator. Cahlan Sharp has worked in a variety of education companies and technology startups in his career before starting DevMountain in 2013. And everyone knows Clint :) He's the founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief at Beehive Startups.

CEOs Panel

Having a mentor in business is invaluable. And hearing thoughts from 3 top CEO's prespective is always welcomed. So come to this seminar and learn from some of Utah's very best.

With Cameron Jensen, Curtis Morley and Jeff Rust. Moderated by Jeanette Bennett (UVBusinessQ)

Cameron Jensen started his professional career in the NFL but later joined NUVI and was recently named the company's CEO. Curtis Morley is President of eLearning Brothers, the planet's largest and most interactive eLearning Template library. And Jeff Rust is CEO of Corporate Alliance, and business relationship company founding in Provo in 2000.

"Empowering business with IT, not in spite of IT"

This seminar will be focused on the ability of IT to affect top line revenue. We will discuss how to use platforms to enable IT to be as flexible as the business requires and empower IT to become even more of a strategic asset.

Brian Lewis

Brian is the Business of Technology Consultant and Cloud Evangalist for CenturyLink in the intermountain region and has previously worked at Zapotechs, Verizon Enterprise Solutions and SunGard Availability Services. He has over 15 years experience in trans-formative managed IT and cloud services.

Thursday, 3:15pm

Investors Panel

Meet some of the regions top investors and learn what it takes to partner and profit in todays business world. Questions answered.

With Signal Peak's Scott Petty, Ron Heinz and Brandon Tidwell. Moderated by Clint Betts.

Scott Petty, Ron Heinz and Brandon Tidwell are all Managing Directors at Signal Peak Ventures of Salt Lake City, a venture capital and growth equity firm with over $500 million of capital under management. We help passionate entrepreneurs build leading companies with enduring value.

Crowd Funding Panel

Isn't Crowd Funding awesome? If only we knew the most effective way to do it. If only there were some folks who had succeeded at it before and would be willing to tell me all about it...

With Bernhard Hamaker, Lisa Boone & Garrett Aida. Moderated by Bryce Hansen.

Bernhard is many things, including a highly successful game-maker, which he crowd funded in 2014. Lisa is an animal lover and entrepreneur & opened the first cat cafe in Salt Lake City, Tinker's Cat Cafe. Crowd funded of course. And Garrett is founder of Dark Energy, a Provo-based maker of consumer products for the hunting industry, and has lead the company to two successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Shark Tank Panel "Is Shark Tank for you?"

Learn about the dangers of building your audience on "rented land" and how to use social media to build an email database where you own the audience and control the way you engage with them.

With Eric Child, Wes Clark & Rachel Nilsson. Moderated by Roxanne Bennett.

All of these great people swam with the Sharks. Eric promoted his Fiberfix repair product. Wes pitched Fire Avert, a product that promotes fire safety in the kitchen. And Rachel won them over with her children's clothing lines. Learn how Shark Tank could help you.

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