Exhibitor Information
The March 2017 show has been postponed. Look for new info and events soon.

Welcome to the Big Biz Conference! The goal for this event is always great people connections and success for your business goals of all kinds. We look forward to working with you. Although this area is full of useful information, please feel free to call us anytime at 801.822.1333 with questions.


Booth amenities: You can supply your own booth items, but our excellent supplier is MODERN EXPO who can supply practically everything. To order call 801.983.8160 or e-mail at expo@modernexpo.com. Download Modern's Exhibitor Packet here. Commonly ordered items include electrical, draped tables, chairs, carpet, etc.

Set-up day: Tuesday, March 21st, anytime between 8 a.m. & 8 p.m. Check in at the desk near the loading dock (north end) for exhibitor badges, etc. Loading dock booths may be called for a specially scheduled time. Loading and unloading only in back lot. During expo, please park in any of the main lots north and/or west of the UCCU Center.

Take down: Anytime after 5 p.m. (to 10 p.m.) on Thursday (immediately after the show). No early take downs please.


1. Your booth space is simply the 10' x 10' space with pipe and drape around (8' high back and 3' high sides).  You may bring your own booth supplies such as table and chairs or they can be rented from Modern Expo at 801.983.8160. Electrical is through Modern as well and usually goes for about $100.
2. Everything must be inside the booth.  Nothing in the isles, including rugs. This is a fire marshal rule.
3. There is not really a maximum height requirement, but booths will be inspected by the marshal and must be deemed safe (no tipping hazards, etc).
4. Canopies are okay.
5. Side walls may not extend more than half way to the front of the booth unless prearranged. This is to keep visibility open to everyone's booth as people walk down the isles.
6. Helium balloons may not be used at all at the show. This is a UCCU Center rule.
7. Please do not hand out popcorn. We are members of the popcorn-lovers fan club, but it is an unavoidable mess.


On set-up day you may use the small loading dock parking lot on the North wall of the UCCU Center. Do not block traffic. Traffic must flow in a free circle around the lot.

On show days the loading dock lot is NOT available for us, but you may park in any of the main north or west lots (even the small west lot near the building). Parking is never allowed in a red zone or posted no parking zones. But if properly parked in any of UCCU's main lots, officers have been instructed not to hand out any visitor parking tickets on show days. Trailers are okay to park overnight in these lots as well.


In addition to the booth and show details above, there is an Exhibitor Connector Breakfast to kick of the show on Wednesday morning. It will be in the main keynote area on the main floor and will include a full breakfast from Marley's. The breakfast begins at 8:30 a.m. and we'll have you back to your booths before 10:00 a.m. Because of our limited space please send one rep per company. See the red graphic below for more details!


The Hilton Hampton Inn (right accross the street) is our partner hotel. Business Conference rooms are available for $84/night with our link here.


If you're giving away food or food samples of any kind, you may need to go to the Health Departments and get a temporary food handlers permit (151 S. University, Provo or 801.851.7000 for information). A temporary permit is different than your on-site food handlers permit. Pre-packaged food (Tootsie Rolls, etc) do not need anything, but if you're not sure, please call the above Health Department number.


We have purchased wireless internet which will be available for everyone free of charge. Search for that anywhere else :) Please ask for details (password and instructions) at set-up.


Each exhibitor will receive a promo code to be used on this site which will be good for up to 25 free full conference tickets (including classes) and includes lunch. You can use or share these however you'd like. Generaly admission tickets are of course free if received from this site. Please use codes with business people only. We appreciate your help - such as you've done in years past - with sending out e-mail blasts the week of the Conference. It helps us spread the word about all of the coolness.


If you'd like help with some booth ideas and/or printing contact McNeil Printing at 801.221.2555. You'll really like these guys and their printing is excellent. McNeil website here. Show specials - including signs, booth graphics and printing - are here!


We welcome giveaways from all exhibitors wishing to do so with just a few guidelines. This is a good opportunity for a little added promotion at the show. Minimum price of the giveaway must be $100. Limit one giveaway per day. The Expo guide that will be handed out at the front door will include a list of all companies and their prizes. We will do an overhead announcement when it is time and the giveaways may also be taped and shown (slightly tape-delayed) on the overhead screens. If you have a giveaway you'd like to include contact Roxanne at 801.368.7118 before the show begins.


Elevate Promo can help you with some unique and effective promotional products that you'll love. Click here for more information.


Expo marketing includes a media-wide campaign again this year. Included is TV, I-15 billboards, I-15 poster boards (as available) and city billboards, UV BusinessQ and Utah Business magazines, The Daily Herald newspaper and online, the Utah Valley Chamber events and publications, Utah Technology Council and other large company newsletters, business organization meetings (Chamber of Commerce and Corporate Alliance, etc.), business ticket distribution points, independent company ticket mailings and of course, a wide-spread social media campaign including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Booth space is available by contacting Bennett Events at 801.822.1333 or through your individual representative. Booths are 10' x 10' and run from $899 to $999. Additional booths are discounted at minus $100 per booth. The Big Business and Technology Conference is the top show in the state at connecting businesses and helping you with your business goals.


To download the Media Kit with 2017 Big Biz Conference information, click here.


To download a 2015 application/contract, click here.


To download Modern's exhibitor packet, click here.




Here are 10 from McNeil Printing. Click here!


In summation, research shows that trade shows are the #1 advertising ROI businesses can make, particularly B2B businesses. So make a plan. We'd love to help you reach all your goals and be an important partner to your business each year. Have a great show!